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If you are struggling to find what it is your looking for on our website, just take a look at these frequently asked questions to help you on your way...


I don't understand all the terminology and abbreviations used on this site, where can I find out the meanings?

ANSWER: Just go to our Employers page and click on the 'Acronyms, Qualifications and Standards' tab. Here you can see all the different meanings for words used on the Website to help simplify it for you.

QUESTION: Where can I see, read and find out about other peoples experiences, and how they have achived their goals, as this would be useful in my own decision making?

ANSWER: Click onto our 'Case Studies' page in our 'Student Focus' section where you can watch video clips and read several different experiences of past and present students.

QUESTION; Is there anywhere where I can find out about upcoming events that may be of interest to me?

ANSWER: To find out about any past or upcoming events or even the latest news, click onto the 'News and Events' page where you can keep up to date with the most recent goings on.

QUESTION: Where can I get contact details from so that I can actually email real people?

ANSWER: Head to our 'About Us' section on the website where all the different groups of people involved in our Life Long Learning Network are listed. Here you will be able to find out about individual email addresses for the different higher education institution and members. Then, email away!

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