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Transferability Case Studies


One of the specific activities that LLNs were charged with was the development of network-wide progression agreements. These agreements detail expectations about progression that learners can reasonably hold and make institutional commitments that these expectations will be met.
LLNs complement the work of the Aimhigher programme however; the focus of LLNs is on improving progression opportunities.

The progression agreements that the Western Vocational Lifelong Learning Network (WVLLN) developed recognise the transferability of skills and knowledge gained from Level 3 BTEC National Diplomas and Advanced Apprenticeships to those Level 4 Higher Education programmes found within the network.

As part of a skills mapping exercise to identify curriculum between Level 3 BTEC National Diplomas and Level 4 Creative Industries some very interesting data appeared. BTEC NDs in Beauty Therapy, Business, Engineering, IT and Travel & Tourism together with Music and Performing Arts were all identified as having transferable modules applicable to Level 4 Creative Industries programmes within the WVLLN. On further exploration of this area individual case studies began to appear which supported the development of these types of agreements.

Within this pamphlet you will find case studies of learners who have progressed from Level 3 to Level 4 and above – the majority of which are not straight subject to subject progression. These case studies have reinforced the concept of ‘transferability’ and have supported the notion of skills and knowledge being more than just ‘subject based’.

The LLN continues to research changes in vocational learning, reinforcing changes in culture within the educational landscape and supporting progression thereby enabling learners to take advantage of development and the rewards that will bring.

Download the PDF document: Transferability Case Studies

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