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Assisting 14-19 Diploma learners through the UCAS application process


This summer we saw the first cohort of Advanced Diploma learners receiving their results and successfully progressing into higher education and work. Overall, over 67% of Diploma applicants were accepted at Higher Education Institutions, which is attune to national average of UCAS applicant acceptances.

UCAS is currently hosting a project which is being funded by the Department for Education. The project aims to explore the experiences of 14-19 Diploma learners when accessing higher education (HE) to identify barriers which may be preventing these students from reaching the destination they aspire to at university or college.  One barrier which has emerged from this work is that it has been difficult for HE admissions tutors to interpret Diploma applications from the information presented to them by the Apply system. This is largely owing to the fact that over the 2010 application cycle, Diploma students throughout the UK did not complete their applications in a standardised format. It has also been difficult for admission tutors to identify the Additional and Specialist Learning qualification, and it has therefore been challenging in some cases to formulate meaningful offers for these students.

As a consequence, this best practice guide has been produced for students demonstrating how to complete a UCAS application to standardise the method of applying. UCAS strongly encourages you to use this guide, as admissions tutors will be informed of the content and expect to see applications presented as the guide describes.

Download the PDF document: Assisting 14-19 Diploma learners through UCAS application

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