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Foundation Degree Theatre Production

When George Seal decided to apply for the Foundation degree in Theatre Production at Bath Spa University, he had no formal qualifications in Theatre Production only A Levels in non-related subjects.  However, George’s experience working as a technician in the drama department of his local college and the professional technical skills he gained from this role helped secure George a place on the Foundation degree at Bath Spa University.

The Foundation degree in Theatre Production delivered in collaboration with the Theatre Royal Bath aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and experience to embark on production and/or technical careers either in theatre or the wider entertainment industry.

Since starting the Foundation degree in September 2007, George has worked on a number of productions for the Theatre Royal Bath. George gained work experience as Assistant Stage Manager at the Ustinov Theatre for the play Breakfast With Mugabe, a landmark production which opened the newly refurbished theatre. For this role, George supported the stage manager by sourcing, designing and gathering props for the production; helping to design and set the stage; organising food and drink consumables during production; and arranging cue scripts for the production team. George worked long days and never missed a performance of the month-long production.

George’s success on the Breakfast With Mugabe production led to employment as a Casual Studio Technician at the Theatre Royal Bath. Since his employment he has worked on commercial productions on the main stage of the Theatre Royal such as Pygmalion, this involved helping in the building and rigging of the set for the production. George’s role as Casual Studio Technician with the Theatre Royal Bath has not effected his commitment to the Foundation degree programme which has exceeded George’s expectations of working in a professional theatre. The programme has a number of visiting lecturers who teach everything from sound and lighting techniques to rigging, making props and wardrobe management. ‘Every single lecture has been delivered by an industry professional,’ comments George.