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Admissions to HE BSc Property Agency & Marketing

Learner Focus - interview by Caroline Adelmann RAC.

Caroline Adelmann

In order to paint a picture of the kind of adult learner who has experienced life changing decisions Caroline was asked to find and interview such a learner in her own institution. The following is an abridged version of the interview and the learner’s name has been changed for confidential reasons.

Anne has been working in Accountancy for 10 years and although AAT qualified found no opportunity to progress within her workplace. These opportunities were always offered to young graduates often with unrelated degrees. She had been told by her employers that they were not a ‘training organisation’. In effect she was being sidelined and passed over.

By way of background, Anne had, afterschool, gained a place at Wolverhampton to study Accountancy, however, during her first year, like many others she found herself with financial problems compounded by her parents’ divorce. She dropped out and found a job which she felt would lead somewhere but she became in her own words ‘stuck’.

It is hardly surprising that she felt undervalued and unfulfilled. Her partner, a surveyor by training, was happy in his work and she felt she needed to address this discrepancy between their lives outside the home. So how did she come to choose the Royal Agricultural College? Quite by chance through a mailshot delivered through the door. She was unaware of the College and the courses that they offered. With a vague idea of a career change into property, specifically a RICS accredited course, she plucked up courage to attend an Open Day, which she initially felt intimidating as she felt out of place amongst the other younger students.

One of the senior lecturers in Property Agency, took her and a few others aside and explained the foci of the course. Anne found the tutor friendly and approachable and was encouraged to apply. She was accepted on the proviso she gained some relevant work experience—so she did— working weekends at a local estate agents. Anne said that the tutor’s friendly, approachable style and encouragement were major factors in her decision as well as liking the ‘atmosphere, the parking and the easy drive from home’. When asked if she found the process easy she explained that after the first hesitant step she found the process relatively simple and straightforward. Anne is now in her second year, working hard at her studies, whilst holding down a job to help her finance her future. This future includes gaining some more experience, but ultimately she would like to be running her own business.

It would not be true to say Anne has found it an easy road, but degrees and career changes require motivation, dedication and when it gets tough, determination. Anne is showing all of these qualities. Although the first step was the most difficult, Anne has now made a second chance for herself and is making the most of it.