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About us

The Western Vocational Lifelong Learning Network, based at the University of Bath, is part of a national initiative and brings together representatives from higher education institutions across the northern half of the South West. The WVLLN has been succeeded by the WVPC. The WVPC continue to fund the Lifepilot website for adults.

The purpose of the network is to broaden access to vocational higher education for all ages. In 2005 approximately 90 per cent of A level students progressed on to higher education compared to 45 per cent who had vocational skills.

The key strategic focus will be upon:

  • agreeing and extending progression mechanisms across the network, notably progression accords and pathways, and publishing them within an interactive database that relates learners experience, qualifications and aspirations to opportunities
  • developing new curriculum ownership arrangements centred on subject strands in order to respond to training needs, ensure geographical coverage, and fill skills and progression gaps.
  • commissioning an enabling curriculum that facilitates the progression opportunities that will be made available to vocational learners, including the sharing and extension of innovative teaching and learning practice.

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